SERIES: Research-based, speculative songs
CONCEPT: Songs written as though created in a further future environment; intended to provoke critical dialogue about where we are headed.
FORMAT: Audio recording; scenario; lyrics; research


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All of You
Lonely Arcade

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Recordings From Later presents a series of research-based, speculative songs — cultural objects from the future. Songs are written as though created in a future time and place. They function metonymically, standing in for a world.

The songs are intended to encourage critical thinking about where we are headed. Audiences may consider, what are the conditions — social, technological, environmental, economical, political — of this world? What would have to happen for a song such as this to be made? Is this a world I would like to inhabit? Does it suit me, my family, my business, my community? What are some preferable alternatives?

Songs are the product of collaboration between futures researchers and musicians. Informed by signals of change that we observe in the present, we consider how emerging trends and transformational drivers might shape the future. A world is constructed. A scenario fiction is written. And we imagine, write, and record a song from later.